The anxiety and courage that comes with being vulnerable.

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Here’s the pause you need to take before you do #selfcare.

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When self-forgiveness and self-compassion are out of reach.

How to journal your way to mental health when you hate journaling.

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  • Journaling is a form of data-gathering, and if we are to address our mental health scientifically and logically, we need data.
  • It’s a form of emotional release. You start letting go of negative emotions and help multiply positive emotions, making it great for people experiencing low moods like depression and sadness (Koopman, Ismailji, Holmes, Classen, Palesh, & Wales, 2005; Lepore, 1997).
  • It allows the brain to slow down, especially when…

One of the most important skills to learn in this lifetime.

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How yoga went beyond toned muscles and increased flexibility.

The answer is: probably, yes. Here’s an invitation to remove ourselves from the victim's perspective and consider that, maybe, WE are the perpetrators.

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And no, this is not about baking cupcakes.

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How turning to spiritual practices can become an ally in this trying time.

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Rachel Bonifacio

A wellness coach and psychological counselor — actively participating in life.

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